Interim Library

Mzuzu University has opened an interim library, using space formerly occupied by the students’ dining hall, which has been relocated to a community center adjacent to the campus. The space has been remodeled into a small, but functional, university library. It includes a circulation desk, a room to receive and catalog books, facilities for staff, and a large, open study room with tables and chairs for student use. The University of Malawi College of Medicine in Blantyre, which recently remodeled its library, has sent some shelving units and other furnishings were borrowed from other parts of the University. Some donated library furniture is being shipped from Scotland.

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The University is already receiving some book donations from individuals and institutions in Malawi, the UK, and elsewhere in Europe, and is cataloging them into a small but growing collection. They are eagerly awaiting the first shipment of books collected by the Mzuni Library Initiative, which we hope will soon be on its way. These books include many of the urgently needed books the students use for their course work, and other books relevant to the Mzuzu University curriculum.

The University Librarian reports the subject matter coverage of the donated books is uneven. Most of the specific titles that students urgently need for their course work are missing. Many of these titles are available in the USA in good used condition at attractive prices, and can be ordered through Amazon for the Mzuni library. See the “Urgent Books Needs” page for further information.

Also needed are e-reader tablets and computers that students can use to read pdf and other e-documents that faculty members are making available. The Mzuni Library Initiative will be purchasing such equipment as donations become available. See the “Donate” tab for information on how to contribute.